About the Craft

Handcrafted one bag at a time. Currently, every stitch, pattern, and painted edge is done by me, the designer. Every piece takes hours upon hours, until finished with the highest craftsmanship and quality. I'm a reluctantly admitted perfectionist, which often means things take time. A lot of time. I'd rather create a bag with longevity and years of use, than cut corners. In the future, as my business grows, I won't be able to have my hand on every piece that leaves the studio (although quality will remain top priority) but for now, know your bag has been LOVED. ❤️

This photo was taken by my friend Kelsey Lee Tisch. She captured the whole process at my studio last year. Many more photos of the studio HERE

About our Values

In a saturated and fast fashion world, we strive to think and move through the design process to create products that will be relevant for much longer than a season or three, and in fact might be better. 

The fashion manufacturing industry is extremely wasteful, and while fresh design and art is important, we are making our products on a made-to-order and small batch basis to ensure the most sustainable and high quality process possible. Less waste means less cost passed on the the consumer.

Our bags have all the hand finishes, high quality hardware and rich leathers of expensive luxury brands at a more accessible price point. 

Transparency in business and especially in our curated social media savvy world is a vital way for our customers to build trust, and as we grow, we will make efforts to photograph, write and expose what it takes to me a new designer in the business of fashion.

Customer service and customer input are some of our most important values. We welcome feedback, questions, and concerns. 

Made in Rice, Minnesota, USA by hand and with Love.


About Danielle

I started on my career path by studying law, focused on social justice and human rights as a way of helping others. And while the goals were important to me, the path I was taking to reach them, was not.

After deciding to take some time to travel,  I realized that using my creativity and sharing my love of new experiences, were extremely important to me.

I wanted to create something beautiful that helped women, just like myself, feel effortlessly foxy, confident and understated without losing their sense of adventure and authenticity.

In creating Danielle Sakry handbags, I want to design accessible luxury and create accessories that are as hard working, spontaneous, and free spirited. 

While our brand continuously evolves and improves, our values stay strong. We seek to help women feel effortlessly on point everyday of her adventurous life by creating bags that are of the highest quality and that stand out in a crowd.

Custom orders inquiries are welcome.  Email info@daniellesakry.com with ideas and questions.